Needle Bearings

Needle Bearings

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Needle Bearings

Drawn cup needle bearings are designed to support radial loads and reduce friction between rotating components. The low cross section provides maximum load-carrying capability with a minimum of space required. Drawn cup bearings are easily installed with a press fit in the housing.

There are two basic designs: the full complement and the caged version. Both have a drawn outer shell that serves as a raceway for the rollers contained in the bearing. The full complement version has the maximum number of rollers mechanically retained by the drawn outer shell. This design combines high radial load-carrying capability with low cost. The standard caged version contains a one-piece steel cage to guide and retain the rollers. This design provides high speed and maximum lubricant retention capability.


Size range: 3 mm - 60 mm (1/8 in. - 5-1/2 in.) bore


Design Attributes

  • Integral seals
  • Side flanges (or separate end washers)
  • Inner rings
  • Oil holes
  • Single or double caged sets (or full complement) of rollers



  • Transmissions, transfer cases, engines and valve trains
  • Steering and braking systems
  • Axle support
  • Outboard engines
  • Power tools
  • Copiers, fax machines, paper-moving equipment
  • Appliances